Beware journalists! Dentons lawyers will keep you accountable for derogative “Polish concentration camps.”

On June 6 the Polish government signed an agreement with Elliot Portnoy, Global Chief Executive of Dentons, an international law firm. The law firm committed to building legal cases against anybody who uses a derogatory and untrue term “Polish concentration camps.”

The Polish government and Dentons are currently working on a system of mutual information sharing to more efficiently identify individuals and organizations that misuse the term. Both entities expressed hope that this initiative will result in more effective defense of the good name of the Polish nation, through action against misappropriation of historical facts which so often affect contemporary international affairs – according to the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.   

The Polish government wishes to promote historical truth regarding Poland and Poles among members of the international community. For many years the misuse of the term “Polish concentration camps” (or “Polish death camps”) in Western media has been eroding the image of Poland. This is done through wrongful association of Poland and Poles with genocide, war crimes and human rights violations that occurred in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II.  

Piotr Glinski, Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, indicates that this is an important issue requiring immediate and adequate legal efforts to improve the situation. Many community and non-profit organizations worldwide had been taking action for years to inform the international community about the problem – these efforts have been largely ignored. The newly signed agreement with Dentons also aims at empowering these organizations and other entities that feel it important to contradict historical lies and defend historical facts.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate the misuse of the term “Polish concentration camps” or “Polish death camps” from the media and public spheres – states the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.