70th anniversary of the Polish Combatants’ Associations in Canada

The Polish Combatants’ Association in Canada is celebrating its 70 th anniversary this year! This significant milestone awakens in our hearts, pride, and is a time for reflection. 70 years have passed since November 11, 1946 when the first group of Polish soldiers landed on Canadian soil and, for the price of a two-year work contract, were allowed to settle down to a life of freedom in a new, free country. But do not think that they were common immigrants. They were, in fact, those boys of the Polish 2 nd Corps who, in Falconara, Italy, prior to their departure from Italian soil, laid down the foundation for the building of the PCA in Canada. The beginning of October of that fateful year is considered to be the date of the establishment of the PCA in the land of the Maple Leaf.

The Head Executive Board issued a directive that each Branch should in its own way and based on its abilities commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of our Association. The initiative to commemorate the 70 th anniversary came from the Head Executive Board in co-operation with PCA Branch 20 and a celebratory banquet will be held in Toronto. A proper celebration will pay respect and give recognition to the living and will honour those Association members who have passed away while reminding all that the PCA in Canada remains a vital organization within Polonia, maintaining and protecting the truth about Polish history. It was, and still is, the mainstay of the Polish enclave in Canada that, without fail, has continually praised the blood sacrifice of the Polish soldier and been the guardian of the national ethos. Furthermore, at the conventions of the World Federation of the PCA, in London, England, held every three years, the Canadian Association continues to be among the largest, strongest and most active of the national organisations.

On the occasion of the 70 th anniversary of the Polish Combatants’ Association in Canada, we have the great pleasure to invite members of the Canadian community to join us for a traditional banquet in celebration of this momentous achievement. The banquet will take place at the historic Branch 20 veterans’ hall, 206 Beverley Street in Toronto, at 2pm. Cocktails will be served from 1pm. Cost is $70 per person. The banquet will be preceded by a dedicated Holy Mass at St. Stanislaus Kostka church, 12 Denison Avenue, Toronto, at 11am.

For information or reservations please call 416 626 1595 – z.sliwinska@live.ca (Polish) or 905 569 0642 – hsokol@rogers.com (English).